Hidden at the corner of Route 100 and 35, tucked along the tree line, sits a small, oddly shaped red house that is notorious for it's crooked walls, "Cheers-like" atmosphere and mouth watering thin-crust pizza. The Muscoot Tavern, established at an unkown date sometime prior to 1925, has changed hands many times over the years, but what remains constant is its legacy as a great local hangout.

“ This old rustic restaurant with rough uneven floors and low ceilings where you duck to enter has a warm friendly staff and home town hospitality...”
Yorktown Heights, NY 11. 22. 15

“ Quaint is not quite the word to describe Muscoot. Step through the small front door to what looks like a converted greenhouse and you enter a small hallway with a 1970’s era phone booth, then pass the area to the dining area and bar. A friendly smiling hostess seats you. The efficient waitress gets you a drink and you place your order. The menu is surprisingly diverse and the food surprisingly good. A solid local joint.”
Somers, NY 11. 11. 15

“ Originally taken there by a friend. Though skeptical at first by its low down appearance and location behind a car repair shop, I was pleasantly surprised by the food and have returned several times...”
Verbank, NY 10. 30. 15

“ This is my first time back to this restaurant in 42 years. Yes the owner is different but the atmosphere and ambiance is the same...”
Vero Beach, FL 10. 8. 15

“ You would never know it from the outside but this place is great. The food is delicious and service superb! If you are lucky, there may be live music. You may wait for a table, but it’s worth it!”
Westchester, NY 9. 2. 15